Thermrup - Researching, developing, producing & supplying you is our passion

Developers by passion

For over 10 years we have been developing and researching the best technologies to protect you on cold days. Quality, efficiency, sustainability and maximum safety are the hallmarks of the German brand Thermrup. With years of experience and unique products - equipped with patented technology - we try to provide the whole world in the field of heatable clothing and other heatable products. Your health & comfort on cold days is our motivation every year to expand the product range and make improvements.

Patented far infrared technology

Thermal rubber products - equipped with patented far infrared technology. Wondering what makes our brand so special? Quite simply, we take care of our products all by ourselves from development to sale to the customer. This allows us to adapt the needs of our customers to our product range. With our patented far infrared technology, we satisfy thousands of customers every year and give you a comfort you can't imagine cold days without. Thanks to the built-in elastic rubber heating element, which can efficiently conduct far-infrared heat, we can produce numerous garments and other products with our technology to give people soothing warmth and smiles on cold days. We warmly welcome every warmth lover to the warm & comfortable world of Thermrup.

Warm People - Care For The Earth

Besides aiming to warm customers efficiently through our patented technology, an environmentally friendly & sustainable future is also our top priority.

By using high technology in the production of THERMRUP range, we strictly pay attention to low CO2 emission values, which are also reflected in our products. Through years of research & development in the product range with the aim to help people with their health, as well as to ensure an environmentally friendly use of these, we can proudly say that our products are reusable means to heat targeted body parts and have an average significantly lower energy consumption, in contrast to conventional heating systems.

With our products you have the possibility to generate heat at any time, whether in extreme weather situations or in various natural conditions. By and large, customers save on heating costs and also ensure less waste than disposable products. Choose a sustainable and environmentally friendly future with Thermrup.